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I was a client trying for my G 1 at the Adept Driving Academy and was very pleased with the polite, accommodating service up front. Eniko was my driving instructor, she has been a great teacher and I have felt my confidence grow each time I have had a lesson. She gave me exactly what I needed to excel towards my goal and helped a lot with useful tips. She was very knowledgeable and easy going which made it a quick, comfortable learning environment. Driving can be crazy and Eniko has taught me how to drive defensively, at the same time proactively which is a real asset! I would highly recommend any student learning to drive to have lessons. I greatly appreciate my experience with Adept Driving Academy and am already enjoying my new licence and driving experience.

Learning to drive can be fun, challenging and very rewarding. So, you need to choose the best driving school you can. After all, your choice of driving school is very important, and I would definitely recommend Adept Driving Academy and my instructor.


Thank you Adept Driving Academy and Eniko!

J Tang, Leamington

I really want to recomend Adept Driver Academy to anyone who wants to take driving lessons to be capable to approve the road test for "G" Driver Licence in Canada.  This academy provided me  a comprehensive instruction in classroom as well as on the road.  I did may road test  with confidence and succeed in getting my "G2" and "G" driver licences at the first time.  
D. Flores. Windsor,ON.

I can certify that  in Adept Driver Academy, the Owner as well as the instructors are focused on to provide a quality training to the students. Taken the training with them gave me the confidence to perform the road test so that I could get my "G" Driver License at the first time.
Thanks a lot to Adept Driver Academy. 
J. Nasser. Windsor,ON.